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This Terms and Conditions also called as User Terms provides a contractual relationship between you (user) and us (Hoy). You will have to agree to these Terms and Conditions to visit and use services on the website or mobile application.

This document is an electronic record generated by the computer system and does not require your physical or digital signature.

You are giving your consent to User Terms by clicking on ‘I Agree’ button. So, please ensure that you read and understand these terms before clicking on ‘I Agree’ button. In case if you do not agree with the User Terms, then you will not be able to access the information and use the services on this website or application.


Here we have defined few terms used in this User Terms to make convenience to the user to understand those terms in this document.

1. You: It means the User or the Customer who wants to use our services for outstation ride.

2. Application: Application means Hoy app on your mobile (smartphone) which helps to access the information to use our services.

3. Website: Website at here means helps to use our services using a computer.

4. Account: Account is the user profile created by the customer in mobile application or website to avail the services from us.

5. Cab: Cab means a car or a taxi or a motor vehicle booked for your outstation ride.

6. Driver: Driver means a well-trained individual with a license to drive a motor vehicle, will be assigned for your outstation ride.

7. Fare: Fare is the payable amount which is applicable on your ride. It is exclusive of any taxes if applicable during your ride.

8. Convenience Fee: Convenience Fee is the payable amount or fee paid by the customer for accessing our services includes our technology services, cashless payment services, free Wi-Fi access, customer support and door to door services offered by Hoy for your every outstation ride. This convenience fee is applicable on your every outstation ride booking made through Hoy mobile application or website. The Convenience Fee shall be exclusive of any applicable taxes on it if any.

9. Cancellation Fee: Cancellation fee is the payable amount or fee applicable on a booking cancelled by the user as per the terms mentioned in Cancellation Policy.

10. City of Operation: City of Operation means the city in which the users avail the services offered by Hoy and rendered by our TPSP. 

11. Ride: Ride means the travel or journey facilitated by Hoy for our users in a vehicle.

12. Vehicle: Vehicle is the motor cab (defined under Motor Vehicle Act, 1988) allotted for your outstation ride.

13. Outstation: Outstation means your ride to the out of your city using Hoy outstation ride services.

14. Services: Services means the transportation facilities provided by Hoy to the users through the mobile application or booking on website or booking via a telephone call to the customer care team.

15. Total Ride Fare: Total ride fare is the fee/amount payable by the user for an outstation ride. It includes fare for a specific ride, convenience fee, additional fees and other applicable taxes if any.

Registration / Create an Account:

You should have to register an account with Hoy to use the services provided by us. You can register your account on our website or on Hoy mobile application downloaded on your smartphone.

For this, you have to provide your valid email id, contact number, current address and other mandatory information at the time of registration process. You should have to attain 18 years of age to use these services offered by Hoy.       

Please ensure that you are providing complete, accurate and valid information while you register an account with us. We will not bear any liability if you provide false and invalid data for your registration. You are allowed to open only one account with the data registered by you.

You are the responsible person to maintain the confidentiality of your registration data and liable for your account activities and transactions. We are not responsible for any loss of your account data when someone is using your account by knowing your login credentials with or without your knowledge. Please note that you have registered your account for your purpose only and it will not be assigned or sold to any other person or third parties.

We have a right to terminate your account at any time when we find that your account data is false or you have compromised the security of your account by sharing your account details with others.

You are solely responsible to check for the right application while you are downloading on your compatible mobile device.

If you are not able to access your account, then mail us at [email protected]


Hoy is the Service provider and not a transportation carrier on its own. It serves as the bridge between the User and the Third Party Service Providers (TPSP). Hoy service allows you to book a ride and your request will send to the driver directly. The driver has sole right to accept or reject each request of the service. If the driver accepts your request, then Hoy will send you the information about your ride details include Driver name, contact number, vehicle number and other necessary information. Hoy puts its best efforts to connect you with the Driver depending on the availability of the Driver in or around your location.

  • Requesting Service through Mobile application: If you want to request the service using the mobile application then, please ensure that you have downloaded the correct Hoy application on the compatible and authorized device. You are ready to use our services after registering your account with by accepting our terms and conditions. Hoy reserves the right to terminate your account and use of our application when you are accessing it on an incompatible and unauthorized device.
  • Requesting Service on Website: Hoy allows you to request our services on the website by creating an account by accepting the terms and conditions.

Service Terms:

– Please make sure that you are using the service on website or application for your personal use only. Don’t transfer or sell your account to any other third parties.

– Don’t use the service for any unlawful behaviors and purposes.

– Don’t try to harm the service and don’t cause the nuisance or inconvenience in any way.

– You have to provide necessary documents and information requested by Hoy.

– If you are requesting for the service using website/application or calling Hoy customer care, then standard charges are applicable as per your network providers.

– You have to ensure that you are not using the application or service on any incompatible or unauthorized device.

– Hoy will store the information and record your calls to the customer care for providing better service experience. Please inform us if you want to update your provided information.

– Don’t deal with the driver in case of sudden trip changes. Please contact our support team.

– Hoy will provide the promotional information related to special offers, discount coupons to your registered contact number and mail. You can unsubscribe those at any time using the provided link.

Booking Confirmation:

After receiving the service request from you, Hoy will proceed to confirm or decline the booking based on the availability of the vehicles in or around your location and shares the information to your registered contact number and mail. In case of booking confirmation, please check the details include pickup time and pickup place. If you find any incorrect information regarding pickup time and pickup place (you are limited to update these two only) then reach us to our support time immediately. You are the solely responsible in case you delayed to see the confirmation alert and failed to inform the incorrect details immediately to the Hoy support team.


Hoy allows users to pay their outstation ride payments methods.

Cash Payment: For Cash Payment method, the user has to pay the total ride fare to the driver after the completion of every outstation ride.

Card Payment/Net Banking: The user can pay total ride fare for every outstation ride booking by selecting card option (Debit Card or Credit Card or Net Banking). These services provided by authorized Payment Gateways.

Cancellation Policy:

Hoy allows users to cancel their outstation ride booking or request for a vehicle (from Mini, Sedan and SUV categories) at any point of time subject to the cancellation fee as detailed below.

  • In case user cancel the booking after 5 minutes of confirmation.
  • In case user cancels the booking after receiving the driver details of the outstation ride.
  • In case user cancels the booking when the outstation ride is about to start.

Hoy notifies you of the applicable cancellation fee in advance whenever you want to cancel the booking on your mobile application or website.

You shall have to pay this cancellation fee at the completion of your next ride.

User/ Customer Responsibilities:

Please notice that Smoking and Drinking are strictly prohibited in the vehicle. Don’t misbehave with the driver during your outstation ride. You will be liable for additional charges any of these complaints received on you.

You should have to pay the total payment to the driver at the end of your outstation ride. In case, if you fail to pay the payment, then we can take necessary steps against you which are available under law. And, also we will block your account that disqualifies you to avail our services in future.

You will not copy or distribute the content of Hoy without a written permission from us.

If you have any issue with your booking and others, then reach us on or before a week (7 days). The team of Hoy is always ready to resolve your issues to make you comfortable. We ensure you that the issue will be addressed within two working days and resolved within seven days from your reporting time by our support team on a priority basis.  

Emergency Services to the Customers:

Hoy always cares for user safety and security. Hoy mobile application has SOS button and provides assistance during emergencies or distress on pressing SOS button. Hoy takes the remedial actions as below:

  • When you report a safety incident to our representatives by pressing the SOS button, then our team will escalate the incident internally to the concerned team to assist you at your location.
  • Depending on the security incident, Hoy may inform the government authorities such as the police station and provides your limited personal information to take appropriate actions to assist you.
  • Hoy needs your consent to allow us to take any auxiliary actions to facilitate immediately during emergencies. 


Hoy provides you with the information and the recommendations for general purpose only and not includes any suggestions or advice. Hoy puts its best efforts to keep the content of the site updated with the timely news but not gives a guarantee that it is free from any errors or malware. 

Please notice that Hoy is not responsible in case you miss the bus/train/flight/event. This case depends on various factors like traffic barricades, weather conditions, rallies and calamities which are not comes under the control of Hoy.

Hoy is not responsible for any damages that are resulting from wrong/inability to use the site or application, network issues, viruses and malware.

You are the responsible for your luggage. In case, you missed your luggage or valuable items then you have to inform our support team within 24 hours. Hoy team puts best efforts to find your valuables.

In case the vehicle is delayed to reach the pickup location beyond 30 minutes of the pickup time then, Hoy shall only endeavor you to be in touch with the driver assigned for your outstation ride.


You have to notice that by using our services after accepting our terms and conditions, you are giving sole consent to  indemnify and hold Hoy and it’s officers, employees, directors, affiliates, licensors, agents, other users and attorneys safe against any claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses are arising in cases such as your violation of our terms and conditions and applicable law which are referenced at here or not; your misuse of application; your violation of the rights of third parties like TPSPs.

Application License:

Hoy grants you the limited and non-transferable license to download and install a copy of Hoy mobile application on your single mobile device with your compliance to the user terms.

You are not permitted to sell, assign, and transfer your account to any third parties.

You are not subjected to modify or change or copy or reverse engineer to design/build a competitive application or service using the intellectual properties like the content, features, design graphics and functions of the application.

Hoy solely owns the intellectual property rights of Service, Website and Mobile Application includes ideas, title, logo, User Interface, Images and trademarks.

Please notice that your agreement with Hoy is permanent for every booking through the website or downloaded application. You can terminate the agreement by simply deleting the application from your mobile. You can also permanently close your account on the website with the provided instructions.

Change in Terms and Conditions:

Please notice that Hoy reserves right to change, modify and replace the terms in our terms and conditions and may suspend our services with own discretion by sending a mail to the users and posting a notice on the website.


Please notice that Hoy collects the personal information of our service users and website visitors using cookies according to our privacy notice.


We are confirming you again that Hoy is just a facilitator to provide the service for your outstation ride by TPSP. So, we cannot give guarantee or assurance of a vehicle for your outstation ride even yours booking is confirmed. But, Hoy puts its best efforts to arrange a vehicle for your outstation ride.

The content includes images, texts, audio and videos on the website or mobile application are used for illustrative purpose only. Any resemblance of such matters to anybody or anything is just coincidental or unintentional.