What is Hoy?
Hoy is an outstation service provider allows you to book a cab for your outstation travel to make your journey smooth and secure with best-in-class service. You can book a cab to ride within 1 hour or later up to 7 days in advance from your outstation travel date & time includes a one-way ride or a round trip. Hoy also gives options to choose a car from the category of Mini, Sedan, SUV and SUV+ to match with your travel need to make your outstation ride safe and comfortable yet affordable.
How to book Hoy outstation ride?
It is easy to book your outstation ride using Hoy mobile app. Just follow the steps below.

1. Open Hoy mobile app and register with your mobile number and details.
2. Now enter your pickup & destination location and choose a car from the vehicle category of Mini, Sedan, SUV and SUV+. Click on Ride Now to ride within an hour and click on Ride Later to schedule the ride up to 7 days in advance from your outstation travel date & time.
3. Choose the journey type from One Way or Round Trip and enter leave date and pickup time based on your travel plans. Please enter the return date for Round Trip.
4. Check for the Total Estimated Fare for your outstation ride. Choose the Payment mode and apply the promo code if you have any.
5. Click on Confirm. Once your booking is confirmed, the ride details will be shared 30 minutes prior to the pickup time via an SMS to your registered mobile number.
6. Hoy also allows you to track your every ride at My Rides section.
Know about Start trip & Stop trip OTPs for an Outstation ride?
You will get two types of OTP for every Outstation ride.

1. Start trip OTP: You will get a Start trip OTP through a message to your registered mobile number after confirming Start trip odometer reading with the driver. Just get into the Cab and your driver is now ready for a new trip by pressing Start trip option on his mobile app. After the confirmation of start trip odometer reading, you will receive a message to your registered number with the odometer reading and Start Trip OTP. Please share the Start Trip OTP to the driver to start your outstation trip.

Note: Please don’t share the OTP to the driver until you get into the cab.

2. Stop Trip OTP: Stop Trip OTP allows you to end your Outstation ride after reaching your destination location. For this, please check the Odometer reading at your destination location. After confirming the Odometer reading with the driver, you will be shared with the end trip odometer reading and Stop Trip OTP. Please share this OTP to the driver to end your outstation ride after reaching your destination.

Note: Don’t worry in case you missed these Start Trip OTP and Stop Trip OTP from your mobile. You can find these OTP in Track Ride section on your Hoy mobile app.
What is Odometer reading for Outstation ride?
Odometer reading calculates the actual distance travelled in Kms during your Outstation ride. We advise you to check the Odometer readings before the sharing of your Start & Stop trip OTPs to the Cab driver. You will also get the Odometer readings of your Outstation ride through a message to your registered mobile for your reference before and after the ride.
How to pay for an Outstation ride?
Hoy allows you to choose the payment mode as Cash or Card Payment before you confirm the booking of your outstation ride.

If you choose the Cash as the payment mode then you have to pay the total fare in cash to the driver.

If you choose the Card Payment as the payment mode then you have to select card type (RuPay/MasterCard/VISA) and use your card details to pay the total fare.

Note: You can change payment mode from cash to card payment or vice versa even at the end of your outstation trip.
How to cancel an Outstation ride?
If you want to cancel your Outstation ride then Hoy allows you to cancel your ride for free of cost within 5 minutes after your booking is confirmed. It means you will be charged minimum amount as cancellation charges after 5 minutes of your booking confirmation.

Note: Please refer the cancellation policy!
How to check fare or charges for an outstation ride?
Please follow the steps to check the estimated fare for your outstation ride on your Hoy mobile app

Open your Hoy mobile app and select the pickup location. Please enter the destination city and choose a car from the category of Mini, Sedan, SUV and SUV+.
Select the type of ride from One Way or Round Trip and enter the date and time of Pickup/drop.
That’s it. You will see the total estimated fare for your outstation trip on screen.

Note: The total estimated fare for your outstation trip includes Base Fare, Driver allowance, charges for remaining Kms (if any applicable) and any extra charges (if any applicable).
Your total estimated fare is not included with the charges like Permits, Toll Fee, Parking Free and State Taxes (if applicable). So, you should have to pay for the same during your outstation ride.
Know more about the fare of your Outstation ride?
The total estimated fare for your Outstation ride will display on Hoy app once you confirm your booking. This total estimated fare includes Base fare and Driver Allowance. Check more details at below:

Base fare : Base fare is a flat fare or minimum fare charged for a particular distance (like base kilometers). Please notice that Base Kilometers for your outstation ride are calculated on the basis of the trip duration that you have chosen and you are not allowed to change or decrease the base kilometers once you confirm the booking.

Driver Allowance : This is applied differently for one-way and round-trip of your outstation ride to provide the refreshment facilities to your driver. This means it is only calculated if your outstation ride is more than 24 hours for round-trip and 8 hours for the one-way trip. The Driver Allowance charges are included in your total bill that generated at the end of your ride and you are no need to pay this to the driver in cash.
What are the additional charges applicable on every Outstation ride?
If your outstation ride exceeds the base kilometers but not the hours then you will be charged for those extra kilometers calculated on Per Km basis. If your outstation ride exceeds the travelling hours and not the base kilometres then you will be charged for those extra hours calculated on Per Hour basis. These charges will be included in your total bill generated at the end of the trip.

Other additional charges like toll charges, parking fee and state taxes are charged by Government authorities and these are not included in your total bill. You have to pay these bills in cash during the outstation ride.

Toll Charges : This is applicable in two types as below.

1. Toll Charges for One Way Trip : If yours outstation ride is a One Way Trip, then you have to pay the applicable Toll Charges in cash during your trip.

2. Toll Charges for Round Trip : If your outstation ride is a Round Trip, then you have to pay the Toll Charges in cash as applicable for a Round Trip. If you are not willing to back to the source city, then also you have to pay the applicable Toll Charges for round trip.

Parking fee : This is not included in your bill and you have to settle the applicable parking in cash during your outstation ride.

State taxes & Permits : These charges are payable in cash by you only if are applicable during your outstation trip.
What are the Safety measures for Hoy Outstation ride?
Hoy assures you to provide the safe and secure ride experience to our valued customers with our finest safety measures as prescribed below:

Hoy has a red Emergency button. Once you click on this button you will be notified with the screen having options like Contact Hoy, Family Members and Call Police. Please click on Contact Hoy option to inform your safety-related concerns to our team to get the real-time safety response. Our Safety response team will get immediately in touch with you and the driver to clear the Safety related issues to our valued customers.

Besides this, the Emergency button also allows you to alert your Family Members and has an option to call Police in case of any immediate danger.

Hoy allows you to track your cab in real-time during the outstation ride and you can share the track ride link with your family and friends that allows them to keep a check on your ride progress.

We will make an arrangement for you to provide another cab to continue your Outstation ride if there is any unanticipated event such as Cab breakdown or an accident.

You can call our support team via Support section in your Hoy app and check for the option Call Us provided in Safety Concerns.