How can I raise a complaint when I faced an issue during my outstation ride?
We are ready to resolve the complaints raised by our valuable customers. You can raise your complaints related to Billing/Payment issues or Driver related issues if any during your outstation ride on your Hoy app. For this, you all need to do the following:

Open your Hoy app on your mobile and go to the My Rides section. Then please select the ride on which you want to raise the complaint with an issue during the outstation ride.

Here the details of the selected ride will be displayed on the screen. Please click on the Support button to continue further steps.

You will find Choose the Issue option at here and we are requested you to select the issue related to Billing/Payment or Driver related issues you have faced during your ride.

Please provide the details of the issue or you can select from the options. Our team will resolve the issue and the rest is assured.
How can I make a request for a Cancellation Fee Waiver?
In case you have found that you are charged for extra some unfairly or with a mistake, then you can make a request for a cancellation fee waiver. For this, please follow the steps below:

Please go to My Rides section from the menu of Hoy app and select the ride that you find that you are charged the cancellation fee.

You will find more details about the selected ride on the screen. Then, click on Support button to continue.

You will be notified with a Choose the Issue option. From that, please select Charged Cancellation Fee Incorrectly.

You will see more options here. So, please select your cancellation reason from those options and then click Submit button.

We are assuring the rest and our team will look into the issue and get back to you soon to resolve the issue.
What are the steps to get Invoice for my outstation ride?
It is simple to get an invoice for your ride by following the steps below:

Select the Support section from the menu of your Hoy app.

You will see all your bookings at here and please select a booking for which you are requesting for the invoice.

You will be notified with an option Choose the Issue, here you have to select the option need a copy of invoice.

Please enter the email id at here and click on the Send Invoice button. The Invoice will be mailed to your mail.
Is there any other way to book a cab via calling customer care?
Hoy allows you to book an outstation ride via a phone call to our customer care service. For this, you should have to provide personal information and other required details asked by our customer support representatives. These calls may get recorded for future reference and training purposes.
Shall I get a guaranteed cab when I opt for Ride Later option?
We always consider it as a priority to allot a cab for your ride at your scheduled time by checking the availability of cabs near to your pickup location. If we are unable to provide a cab near to your location and there is a delay in cab allotment, in such case we are requesting you to select a Cab from other categories.

Note: You can change payment mode from cash to card payment or vice versa even at the end of your outstation trip.
Tell me more about categories to select a Cab for a ride?
You can select a cab from categories of Mini, Sedan, SUV and Toofan as per your needs for your outstation ride.

Mini: It allows 4 members to seat in and also accommodate for 2 small sized bags.

Sedan: It allows 4 members to seat in and also accommodate for 4 medium bags or 2 large bags.

SUV: It allows 6 members to seat in and also accommodate for 4 medium bags or 2 large bags.

Toofan: It allows more than 10 members to seat in and also accommodate for 4 large bags along with 4 smaller bags.
How can I contact Customer Care in case of emergency?
Hoy app allows you to raise an emergency alert by pressing red coloured Emergency button on the app. This button will get visible once the cab driver starts the ride. After pressing the Emergency button, the information will be sent to our customer care team and they will get into touch immediately with you and the driver to address the emergency. Emergency button also gives access to alert your emergency contacts about your emergency via SMS and gives an option to call the nearest Police control room.
What are the Cars available in the Car options or Car categories?
Mini is the first choice for many users and is a popular category to have the cars like Tata Bolt, Tata Indica, Maruti Ritz, Ford Freestyle and Fiat Punto. The seating capacity of Mini cab is 4 members and you can carry a maximum of 3 small size bags.

The Sedan offers best in class luxury experience to the users at best fares. It has the car options like Hyundai Xcent, Maruti Swift Dzire, Mahindra Verito and Toyota Etios. It offers free Wi-Fi access to the users as a complementary feature. The seating capacity in this is 4 members and luggage capacity is 4 medium bags or 2 large bags.

The SUV offers best in class luxury experience to make your ride special with the cars like Toyota Innova, Mahindra Xylo, Chevrolet Enjoy and Maruti Ertiga. The seating capacity in this is 6 members and luggage capacity is 4 medium bags or 2 large bags.

The Toofan offers a comfortable long ride experience if you are travelling with your large families, friends and relatives. Toofan offers the car Force Toofan. The seating capacity is more than 10 members with the luggage capacity of 4 large bags and 4 smaller bags.

Note : Children aged above 5 years are considered as a single passenger.
How to track my cab?
Your Hoy app allows you to track your cab using real time map once your booking is confirmed. You will be able to see your cab’s current location on the map and shows the time to pick up. You can track the cab of your current booking in My Rides section from Hoy app menu and there you have to select the ongoing booking to track the cab of your present booking.
Are you thinking about Safety Concerns?
We are proud to say that our motto is to give safety and comfort experience to our valuable customers for their every ride. Your safety and comfort is our main priority and we have strong safety features and policies to make the rides of our users comfortable and secure.

If you are having queries related to Safety Concerns, then feel free to call us on the Toll-Free number. Then, our Support Team will look into that with an immediate response.
Tell me more about the Safety Standards?
We value more on the Safety Standards to provide best in class experience to our Users considering the Safety Standards. Our Safety Measurements includes the following:

We ensure your privacy by making your contact number masked on driver device.

You can track your on-going ride in real time on your app and you can share the exact location to your loved ones.

The Emergency button allows you to alert your status to the emergency contacts provided by you or to the nearest police control room.
What are the emergency contacts and how can I set them?
You will find Emergency Contacts option in your app menu and make a click on it to continue.

Now, you have to select 3 contacts from your mobile contact list to which you want to send emergency alerts.

You can use red coloured Emergency button to share your ride details to those 3 contacts. You can enable an option Always share your ride details that send your ride details automatically to your five contacts for every booking. You can turn on /off this option as per your needs.
How can I share my Cab details to my emergency contacts?
Select Track Ride option from the menu.

You will find Share Details button on display and click on it.

Then, an SMS will be sent to the provided contacts of your friends and family. This SMS contains the link to track your ride.
What is the advance booking time for an Outstation ride?
The advance booking time to book your outstation ride depends on your travel date & time and you can book a cab to ride within 1 hour to 7 days in advance from your travel time.

Note : You can use Ride Now option to get a cab for your immediate use when you want to travel from the selected places like Airports and Railway stations. In this case, you will be allotted to the nearest cab as per your needs.
When will I get ride details to my mobile about my outstation ride?
You will be received the outstation ride details before 30 minutes of your pickup time through a message to your registered mobile.
Shall I choose a specific car model for my Outstation ride?
We are not assuring you that you will get a specific car model you are looking for your outstation ride. But, you can choose a car from categories like Mini, Sedan, SUV and Toofan depending on your needs at the time of booking.
Shall I get the same Cab for my return trip when I have booked for One Way ride?
Yes, you can get the same cab for your return trip even you have booked for One Way ride. For this, you have to pay for the additional kilometers and hours (as applicable) used over the base kms and hours booked for the one way ride.
Shall I use the same Cab to visit the Tourist spots at the Destination place?
Yes, you can use the same Cab to visit the tourist spots at your destination city. For this, you have to pay for the additional kilometers and hours (as applicable).